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How to delete a database through the CloudPanzer website?

Deleting a database can be a necessary step in the management and maintenance of a web application. There may be situations where a database is no longer needed, or where it needs to be reset to a certain state for testing purposes. Whatever the reason, it is important to understand how to properly delete a database to ensure that all necessary data is removed and that there are no unintended consequences.

Prerequisites : 

You must have an Active Server. You can jump to the tutorial section if the above conditions are proper, Or first follow the links below to set up the prerequisites.

How to install a Server
Tutorial : 
You can watch the Video or Continue reading the post.

Follow the steps below to delete a database 

1. Once you are logged in, look for a "Server" and click on it.


2. Select the Database option.


3: Click on the menu button


4: Select the delete option.


5. Click on the yes button to delete a database.


Here, you can see database was deleted successfully.


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