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How to Enable or disable Maintenance Mode on a Site through the cloudpanzer website?

Maintenance mode refers to a state in which a website, system, or device is taken offline for maintenance or updates. This is done to ensure that the website, system, or device is functioning correctly and to fix any issues that may be present. During maintenance mode, users may be unable to access the website or use the system or device.

Prerequisites : 

You must have installed the App on the site. You can jump to the tutorial section if the above conditions are proper, Or first follow the links below to set up the prerequisites.

How to install the App under the Website?
How to Navigate to Apps Under Website
Tutorial : 
You can watch the Video or Continue reading the post.

  1.   Click on Maintenance Mode.


2. Click on the Toggle button.


Here, you can see the maintenance mode Open cart was successful.


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