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How to perform different operations on Adminer Site Environment?

In the context of a domain, "site environment" refers to the digital or online aspects of a website or web application, including hosting, design, content, security, performance, and user experience. It encompasses everything related to the domain's online presence and functionality.

Prerequisites : 

You must have installed the App on the site. You can jump to the tutorial section if the above conditions are proper, Or first follow the links below to set up the prerequisites.

How to install a Server
How to Setup a Site
How to install Open Cart App On Domain.
Tutorial : 
Use this link to view How to Navigate

Select an Environment Option.


1. Pull :

1.1 Click on the pull button to fetch data.


2. Refresh :

2.1 Click on the refresh button to refresh the site environment.


3. Events:

3.1 Click on the Events button to check events.